Game Review #1:

Game Review #1:

While many may think that is a silly knock-off of, they are incorrect. Unlike many other knock-offs of, is a well thought out game, with many components that doesn’t have. In this game review, I’ll go over the aspects of this game, and at the end, rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. Continue reading

Pencils and Plants

Pencils and Plants


These two seem like unlikely things together. But are they really?

According to Michael Stausholm, CEO of Sprout World, “There are 15 billion pencils made annually, and three million of those just in the United States. That’s a lot of pencil stubs thrown away”. So, the company he works for set to work on an environmentally friendly pencil. The solution was a plantable pencil that could grow into herbs, flowers, and even plants.

Stausholm says these are the perfect environmental product because “dying product is literally giving life to a new product.”

It works simply enough. Instead of having a regulareraser, there is a biodegardeable container where there are seads and peat. After you are done, simply plant the pencil, and let nature do the rest.

Source: CNN Money

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